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Top Beaches in Cancun

Posted on September 21, 2020 at 1:25 PM

There are numerous public and private beaches in Cancun. Some of the best public beaches are listed below.

Playa Delfines: One of the most visited as it has an amazing view and a Cancun sign for those great Instagram pictures. However, it has strong waves so only we only recommend for strong swimmers. Playa Delfines is a wheelchair accessible beach. There are ramps and footbridges as well as water crutches and chairs.

Chac Mool: This beach also has strong waves, most visitors utilize water skis, sail boats or parasails to enjoy this amazing beach.

Langosta, El Nino, Las Perlas and Ballenas: Recommended for families traveling with children as there are no waves and the water is not deep. Plus, there is a wonderful wide area with lots of sand. There are plenty of services available such as palapas rentals, showers, restaurants and parking lots. Las Perlas is also a wheelchair accessible beach. There are ramps and footbridges to allow wheelchair access as well as water crutches and chairs.

Gaviota Azul, Caracol and Lagarto: These beaches are known for their party atmosphere. They are always packed in peak season because of the beach clubs and nearby stores.

Playa Coral: Is the only pet friendly public beach in Cancun. Dogs must wear a leash and a name tag. Plus, owners are responsible for collecting their pets’ feces and putting them into the corresponding containers.

There is something for everyone wanting the beach experience in Cancun.

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